No longer walkthey, when we want to raise our voices and create awareness? Why are they not on the front page – the champions of mental health? Literally saving the lives of the ones that they love. Helping them choose recovery. Again and again and again. I went on a date tonight. A date with my champion. The man who has pick me up off the floor of the shower, and carri me in his arms. Dripping. Crying. Lost. The man who has held me until I have fallen asleep, after I’ve woken up at am kicking and screaming with night terrors.

I found that a rather amusing

The man who has caught me more times than I can count, when my head gives up and I pass out from anxiety. What is it like? I ask him tonight what it is like living with me. What it is like living with Him. What it is like living with us – my depression my anxiety and me. “Most of the time,” he respond, “I’m just worri.” He describ that as the overwhelming Georgia Mobile Number List emotion associat with loving someone who suffers from mental illness. This was closely follow by “lonely”. Physically, I am there with him. I cuddle and kiss him, I laugh with him, I cry with him.

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Addition to the otherwise

My head is chaos. It is too full and busy CL Lists trying to silence the storm, that he often feels I struggle to be by his side mentally. He has support me every step of the way in my journey. I feel like he is so proud of how far I have come But I know that there are elements of what I have been through that are hard for him to share. Embarrassing. Overwhelming. Complicat. I ask him what he thought of my mind. “It’s fuck,” was his first response.