You don’t tell someone to kill themselves, or blackmail them many times, with things that I opened up to you about. You were toxic and you had me wrapped around your little finger. I was weak, I was plain. I was stubborn. Never stay in a toxic relationship You can’t hurt me. The scars still remain and your words still stain, but I will learn from people like you and I will get better. I can do better. Anyone who reads this, take a step back and think about the people in your life.

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Do they make you happy and make YOU Kyrgyzstan Email List stronger? Because if not, dump them in the drain and find yourself a sunshine. Never stay in a toxic relationship. Reproduced with permission, originally posted here A couple of months, that’s all it has been. A couple of months of you being quite severely depressed. The depression has been going on far longer. For you, it’s been an on-off relationship for many years: over a decade. For me, I had one time many years ago. That knocked me out for a good years. But both of us are keeping on surviving and keeping on smiling.

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We’re both keeping on smiling Our relationship CL Lists is stronger now. I’ve got angry, I’ve defended you and I’ve got frustrated on your behalf. We’ve learnt more about each other’s experiences and your trust of me has increased; you share your damage more. Whilst we’ve grown stronger, I think my cover has cracked a little. My smile isn’t as strong as it was. I know what my sticking plasters are; what helps heal the cracks. Happy and loving you, our wonderful little one and we all love each other. I’m keeping on smiling, inside and out Just.