On in Albania and Kosovo. “Ts”, she says. him to take the right steps and never turn back on what he had start. From , the company was restructur on the basis of shareholders and Ajten continu as a partner.It may seem surprising to you if we tell you what the difficulties are of a woman running a company with an army of vehicles of fallen tonnage. No, it’s not equipment damage, communication problems with drivers, or anything else like that. The biggest obstacle for him is prejudice. But she has found strength within herself. “Work has no prejudice when there is seriousness and a smile that comes from ucation says Ajten.

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Read Albi Zhulali, the dream is never Bahrain Mobile Number List realiz aloneBut why did he choose exactly this venture?! ” I think I didn’t choose her, she chose me. Very early, from the school period I naturally offer ideas for doing business. I have found myself among working groups to carry out various projects, not always against financial payment. I have always had my time busy. Coffees in bars have never been a part of my time”.Currently, it has employees, but in its beginnings the company had only of them. Ajten emphasizes that he has not yet manag to find the personal balance of the day since eight.

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Hours of work a day is too little for him. He CL Lists describes this as its biggest defect.Read: the -year-old from Durrës, who creat the international Video Game companyIn future plans, it has the perfection of this venture, ensuring even more quality and safety. “Albanians as a whole have a mark lack of desire to evaluate and pay for these types of services. Therefore, the project should be simple to accept and its effectiveness should be high”.Trainings are an integral part of the system creat by her.