You will need to ascertain why the agency is asking you to increase the budget – is it for performance or just to increase the fee? The profitability of the project may force the PPC agency to allocate the least qualified staff to smaller campaigns to maximize profits. Charges based on a percentage of ad spend can encourage agencies to focus on increasing their monthly PPC budget rather than campaign ROI or ROAS. This type of setup encourages the agency to look for costly ways to manage the campaign. This can lead to more errors due to the lack of experienced professionals managing your campaigns.

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Consume a large part of the budget disproportionate to the work needed by the PPC specialist. businesses, it can quickly get out of control when they want their campaign to grow by leaps and bounds. In some cases, you may need to Vietnam Email List make limits or threshold changes based on your campaign budget. Fifteen percent of ad spend may make sense when you invest PLN 50,000, but it loses its appeal completely when you spend PLN 300,000 and more. A solution that reduces many of the disadvantages of this model is a hybrid: Fixed subscription + % of the media budget.

Fixed subscription  percentage

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Campaign budget As you might guess, this PPC agency pricing model is basically the same as the one above. The main addition is a management fee to cover agency overhead for the campaigns they manage for you. The percentage of the campaign CL Lists budget secures the scalability of resources (applications and people) on the agency’s side . Why does it work? When your Google Ads agency can rely on a minimum monthly payment, no matter how much it lowers your ad spend, it can use that space to properly focus on the actual ROI of your campaigns. This brings the agency’s goals more in line with yours, which is a better basis for a successful partnership.