Sports and showbiz, of a sector that promotes the country, creates new jobs. Ucates the new digital generations and affects the improvement of the general well-being of society.  Existing ICT broadcasts mainly broadcast summaries of global events. Views of technological device launches, scientific discoveries and various international news, which can easily be access online. What they ne is the promotion of local stories, the mia attention they deserve. Stamp, starting from March , is broadcast every. Tuesday from on T . television, news, interviews, events, solutions to real problems. Profiles of successful people and the achievements of theirs.

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Stamp also aims to influence the design Albania Mobile Number List and implementation of policies at the local and central level through its program, with the aim of improving and developing the technology, entrepreneurship and innovation sector.Some of the topics that will be discuss are: Blockchain, Startup Businesses, AR VR, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Programming, Gaming, Telecommunications, Electronics, Hardware Software, Mobile Applications, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Online Marketing, Multimia, Social Mia, Outsource Diaspor etc.

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For more, like the Stamp Page on CL Lists Facebook.The passion for beauty and the desire to combine the old tradition of handwork with the modern, has l to a new venture. She has had her own online handmade creations business for two years. Her name is Velinda Karaj and she is from Cërrik. No specific studies are ne to start this venture. It is enough to have talent, patience and dication.Handicrafts are developing a lot recently and it is a very good opportunity for self-employment and securing income, whether basic or additional income. Velinda tells us in an interview that the methodical side of the profession for which she studi, which is bas on art and creativity, was the impetus to deal with these creation At the beginning of this journey.