Into account the consequences. 6arasite hosting Parasite hosting is a search engine optimization technique that involves publishing a free blog or forum on a domain with high parameters and high trust. These free posts are used to create backlinks to the client’s site, which can increase the page’s ranking in the search engine thanks to the high rank of the host. Building such backend pages can also refer to hosting a website on someone else’s server without their consent and then reaping the benefits of a high ranking. 7. Link farms Link farms (or hyperlink farms/link farms) are a back-up of external links related to each other, which accumulate a very large number of backlinks to the client’s website and to each other. Most of them are low quality pages, useless for the user.

Often the use of link farms leads

The imposition of a manual filter on the site. It is worth monitoring incoming links to the website, e. using the Google Search Console tool and getting rid of the harmful ones. 8oorway pages (jump page) Doorway page (also known as Jump Page or Bridge Page) is a Black Hat SEO technique that consists in creating doorway pages well positioned Somalia Email List for specific keywords and serving them to search engine robots. And then redirecting the user to the target website. Algorithms are already very sensitive to it and quickly ban this type of doorway pages. Overuse of extended tags Structured data markup is. Used by the website to help Google better understand the content on the page.

In addition marking data

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In this way can improve the appearance of the page in the search engine. The main purpose of structured tag data is to offer the user an organized search. Overusing structured data by tagging irrelevant content or tagging the same elements with different tags can potentially hurt your site. Allowed markup formats are: microdata, microformats, RDF. Find out more on the official Google Search Central website . 10uying links CL Lists Another popular Black Hat SEO method is link buying. I mean selling links, e. at Allegro auctions, through the SWLs mentioned in the second point. Or other platforms offering to attach a large number of links from unverified sources.