The advertising schedule created in this way allows you to save the media budget on days and hours when the probability of buying or submitting an inquiry is the lowest. Below is a screenshot from the customer’s existing analysis – you can see an example of a mismatch between rates and data from Google Analytics: 5. Remarketing lists – grouping users who have already visited the website is crucial to creating remarketing lists. Very rarely, users make the desired conversion on the first visit to the site. By matching ads to users who have been to a specific subpage or have already added a product to the basket, we are able to reduce the cost of conversion, because the probability that someone will make it with each visit is higher.

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All users [7 days] b. Engaged users. Time on site + depth of visit c. Returning users d. Users who visited a given page e. All users [180 days] f. Users who visited selected subpages g. of all these areas, the conversion is still not satisfactory, it is Laos Email List worth checking the correctness of the entire analytics implementation. Only when we are sure that we collect correct data, we can draw the right conclusions and effectively manage our business. Working with our current and potential clients, we help identify areas that inhibit the growth of conversions and recommend activities that will work best in a given case.

Hundreds of thousands of redirects per month

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The page only from Facebook alone? Yes, it’s possible! There are stores in the fashion industry that make great use of the potential of social media and achieve gigantic income through tools such as a Facebook store. Content generated in large CL Lists amounts. As well as advertising and re-marketing activities. Below I have prepared examples from our home yard. Audience engagement Using the Socialbakers tool, I analyzed the brands of three profiles, such as: Selfieroom, Varlesca and Mosquito. The first metric I looked at was engagement.