All this activity is the only thing that might prove otherwise. There Are Simple Messages We All Must Hear My advice is simple. If you find yourself in this privileged situation where someone lets their guard down with you, don’t panic. I knew this wasn’t the moment to give these women chapter and verse about the truths I have learnt through therapy, and through my own pain. This wasn’t the time to suggest antidepressants, or mindfulness techniques. I knew this because I know I couldn’t have even begun to process these ideas over that coffee six months before my th birthday.

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In UK Book Store: Iam in Mental Health Daily Tracker and Journal Iam in Mental Health Daily Tracker and Journal Available GBP amazon_link asins’ marketplace There is one thing I know that has to happen before anything else is possible, you have to know and accept you are ill. So, I listened and hugged and handed tissues. I reassured Oman Email List and nodded and smiled and told them they were doing amazing. Out loud I wondered whether these brilliant women might need a break, or what that could look like. to say felt, and ifall work out okay.  listened more and talked less. I probably got a lot of it hideously wrong, but I am hoping they will forgive.

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Then I offered to help with something CL Lists practical, and I repeated my favorite three phrases to them. Let yourself off the hook. Take the easy option. You don’t have to do it all. I Listened More and Talked Less I told them, and hopefully made them feel, they were loved, accepted and appreciated. The truth I spoke filled them hope, helping their despair. I didn’t try to fix them, and I didn’t tell them it would all be alright. Neither did I minimise their pain or change the subject.