What do you ne?” and for the response. It may not be something you feel you can help with, and that is OK, but unless you get the chance to ask, you will never know what it is that might help. More often than not it might be something so simple and straightforward that it may feel like you’re doing nothing. Honestly, it most probably means everything to that person you care for! Some ideas Below is some of the feback we receiv. There were nine themes that were express over and over, and I hope they will provide you with some insight and ideas about how you could be there for your own lov one.

No one would choose the agony

Being with us Mental illness can feel Great Britain Email List very isolating and lonely. Our minds can often tell us no one cares or that we are worthless. Your presence is so valu. Sometimes no words are even ne, just be there physically. Some things the community said they would love to hear: “I’m by your side through this all.” “I’m here for you.” “Shall we do it together?” “You’re not alone.” “I can see you’re struggling. It’s OK, I’m here for as long as it takes “I’ve got you.” “I’ll be here whenever you ne me.

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Maybe something happen to us that

Iam here, I WANT to be here, I love CL Lists you and it’s OK to not be OK right now, and I will ride it out with you till you are OK again, no matter how long it takes.” . “You’re not at fault” It’s often easy to listen to the voices in our head telling us everything is our fault. It’s our fault XYZ happen, it’s even our fault it rain today. We can feel that we must have done something to deserve the way we feel or maybe that we aren’t doing enough to feel better. Mental illness does not discriminate.