Become emotional confus about how I was suppos to feel when present with certain situations. So I made the decision to stop wearing the mask ( well most of the time ) and remember who I was, what do I actually enjoy doing? what calms me? what hobbies do I have? So do we conclude that we shouldn’t be wearing a mask? Well even though I’ve just spent the last paragraph explaining how wearing the mask negatively effect my life and how I’ve taken the steps to remove the mask. I would actually conclude that a mask could be positive or negative.

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There’s always two sides to every story Chairman Email List and this is no exception. Sometimes it makes life easier to put up a mask and if it gives you confidence to do something that you want to do why not? And that’s what I believe the difference is. Use the mask to help do something you want to do, not to try and change you. For example I’ve realis and want to join a running club. My son also loves running so we went together. I felt vulnerable and uncomfortable but I us my mask and said that I was mainly attending to support my son, it just took the pressure off enough for me to take those first steps.

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In my opinion use the mask if it helps CL Lists you be a better version of yourself. To help you try new things or experience things you otherwise wouldn’t. Make the changes that benefit you not the people around you. Just remember who you are underneath. This is what I’m doing, gradually lowering the mask to reveal that school girl I left in the mirror every morning. As the great Micheal Jackson said “I’m gonna start with the man in the mirror.