Listen Listen to your loved ones, to anyone who confides in you. and, perhaps, slowly unlock untruths and myths you may have believed. Ask The way journalists find the truth is to ask good questions. Probing ones. I am not asking you to be professional, just ask me, us, anything. asking me about my illness, in fact, I spoke last week and answered questions. Heck my memoir covers it all! (I hope my neighbors don’t know my last name yet!) Ask questions reduce stigma. Help We need you sometimes, especially when we cannot advocate for ourselves. When someone you know is in crisis, or needing treatment for depression, your assistance can be of tremendous value.

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Your perspective may shift — or potentially Kazakhstan Email List chip away — as you see our invisible illness. This may help reduce your stigma towards us. Have a little patience Though I can get incensed, want to shake the trees and yell out, I have to remind myself patience is key. I, we, cannot be complacent in the mental health equality movement; but Rome wasn’t built in a day, either. Think Think how you would like to be treated. Would you like for people to assume anything about you? Make jokes at your expense? Make you feel badly about yourself.

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The truth is, no, you wouldn’t. Do unto others CL Lists and think about your words and actions first. Progress happens when we walk in each others’ moccasins. I try to do this in my own life, especially when frustrated. Love Love is the universal solvent to tolerance, I say. No one’s disability or lack thereof makes us in any way superior than the other. It is quite elemental, really. Just love and you will be loved back. When I get down about progress I have a mental picture of me standing back, arms folded, head looking down on the Grand Canyon.