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Read Taxes send letter to businesses. Declare the incomeFor their activity in the KKB, the condition has been established that the taxpayers must have paid their tax obligations by the date of suspension. some taxpayers who suspend their activity in the CCA, not being correct with their declaration regarding the suspension period and to reduce the costs of administration by the Tax Administration for these taxpayers. The interaction between DPT and CKB is now done electronically.

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TECHNOLOGY Updated on: Anerola Torollari ~ minutes of reading In the spring of , after several months of trading, the price of Bitcoin began to rise – from $ , in early April to $ , in mid-May. By August, the price was at $ , . Trading was hot and drops were sudden, but its new highs in a matter of weeks. In November Latest Mailing Database alone, the price started at around $ , and ended at over $ , (all data from CoinMarketCap. Read: Coinbase is launching a bitcoin debit card in EuropeTwo years later, the price of Bitcoin followed a similar trajectory. Last week, it crossed the $ , mark for the first time this year. Just five days later, Bitcoin rose to $ , and is currently trading at  on Coinbase.

Latest Mailing Database

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Prices of other cryptocurrencies also rose. The numbers have changed and many millions have poured into blockchain-based businesses since  then, so the stakes are much higher this time. But it’s hard not to notice the similarities. As in , there are fears that China of cryptocurrencies. Just like back then, the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges are being hacked, with hackers walking away with millions. Well-known investors like Warren Buffet are once again CL Lists scoffing at Bitcoin. There is a fear that Tether will collapse – although, this fear has been around for years and never really went away.

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