Building personas – ideal customers of your company Personas are the ideal buyers to whom you are directing your offer. You will learn about them while working with your customer service team, as well as the customers themselves – ask them for their opinion. There are several different ways in which you can conduct your research and thus gain valuable information. What should you do? • Identify the three types of customers who return to you most often. For example: small business owners, sole proprietors and families with a home in the countryside.

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For example: small business owners need professional advice on adapting a photovoltaic installation to occupational health and safety requirements, entrepreneurs will be happy to find out what amount of subsidies they can count on, and families – after how long will the investment in solar panels pay off. • Collect detailed information on specific Malaysia Email List customer types. It is about their property status, interests, place of residence, age and gender. Professional analytical tools are used for this. Knowledge gives you a big competitive advantage – especially data about your customers.

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The needs and goals of buyers, and thus, build a credible message that will meet their expectations. 3 Customer Journey Mapping Marketers talk a lot about the customer journey and the so-called “sales funnel”. What is it about? – the created CL Lists need (I want to buy something) and its implementation (making a purchase) are separated by many smaller behaviors, of which the buyer is not always aware. That is why it is worth setting the right path for a potential customer to your product or service. There are many models of the sales funnel – so it’s not worth going into details at this point.