Then the optimist returns. I’m alive, on fire, fueled by energy from our younger generation. I am reminded they don’t have patience and for that I am grateful. They tell me change around stigma and mental illness is not only coming, it is imminent and inevitable and hurling faster towards us than I believe. in UK Book Store: Iam in Mental Health Daily Tracker and Journal Iam in Mental Health Daily Tracker and Journal Available Where do I begin? The stupid mistakes of my past have made me who I am. For the worse I might add.

I was so stupid and blind

The blind me of the past that couldn’t see Kuwait Email List what was right in front of her. Imagine me screaming, crying, looking into a mirror and shouting all of this at myself, trying to punish my reflection for being so weak. Our toxic relationship has left scars. Why did I stay? Why, why did I stay? You played me from the fucking start and you ruined my faith in love. Why? I hate you so much and I hope you get hurt so bad you feel as shit as I do because of a lying girlfriend that rips your heart to shreds. No-one will heal these wounds you’ve pressed into my mind.

Country Email List

See what you are

The bullshit you told me about being CL Lists trustworthy was about as true as Trump’s speeches. You are poison and I hope someone cleanses you. You’re such a bad person, you’ve made me not trust anyone, my boyfriend or any friend. You’ve made me paranoid that he will cheat and break my heart, when I know damn well he’s the most perfect thing that I have in my life. You were toxic You have made me shed a ocean full of tears and made me regret the year of my life that I knew you.