OK, but a lot of the time there is far more to our. Mental health than we are able to explain. We smile and laugh a lot because we are worri about being judg or that people around us won’t be able to cope with it. . Sometimes we just ne our own space We promise that we are not avoiding you, sometimes we just can’t face the world on that particular day and we might ne a short period of hibernation to get ourselves back on track! Our intention isn’t to appear rude when we cancel plans, avoid situations, ignore texts, or get defensive. Please respect and listen to us when we want our own space.

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More than anything we want you to know Kazakhstan Mobile Number List that those words. And actions aren’t aim at you – please don’t take it personally. . No recovery is perfect The good days don’t mean that we are cur. Just as the bad days don’t mean that we will be stuck in this struggle forever. If we are having a good day then that is great, not just for us, but also the people around us! However, part of our recovery is learning that perfection isn’t possible. We will have good days but at points we will also take steps backward and have to try again.

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We aren’t lazy Having a mental illness is CL Lists a constant weight on our shoulders and that in itself can be exhausting! A mental illness is exactly that – mental; it’s in our heads, and that can be pretty tricky to avoid! . At times, we miss “us” as well I think that one of the hardest things to hear when you are struggling with your mental health is someone close to you saying that they “miss the old you” or that you are “being lost to the illness”. Trust us, we ourselves are pretty high.