My own help until now – and it’s all because of her. How on earth could she act normally, in work, and yet also withdraw money from the hole in the wall as she head for the bus? There is no excuse for this behaviour. What has happen in her life to make her do this? When only last summer she claim that working for me was the best job she’d ever had? Did she have this in her head right from the beginning? It just goes to show, you can’t truly understand what goes on in another person’s life. Luckily I didn’t have a huge crit limit on my card, so her spending spree was eventually stopp, but not before.

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I became overdrawn. I have no sympathy Martinique Email List for her I have no sympathy. She simply shouldn’t have done this. FRAUD & THEFT. Bits of cash had also been going missing. This began happening before Christmas last year, but there is no actual evidence to call on. Yet isn’t it obvious who did it, given everything else we now know? Earlier on in the year, even my Mum’s purse went missing following a shopping trip and it’s clear to us now that this had to be her.

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The sickening thing is that my Mum CL Lists express her sadness in front of her. She’d had £ worth of cash left and store cards which really didn’t matter. It was the loss of photographs that hurt the most. We don’t have copies unfortunately either. I’m left now, just trying to pick up the pieces, having finally record my video statement a few days ago. All the evidence is to be sent to the Crown Prosecution Service for them to decide what to do next. The fact is I ne some form of justice, and there is a slight chance she will get off.