The CM Software Integrated Into Neap is One of the Most Impressive Tools

This engaging customer management software is powered by a range of sales and marketing tools as well as automated lead capture. There is a mobile app for Android and iOS where your employees can track important training on the go too.

Keap’s CRM integrates with other leading tools like QuickBooks, Shopify, and HelloSign to ensure you can track all the right data about your customers.

Sales pipeline
With Keap’s sales pipeline management, you can close more deals in no time. The easy-to-use drag-and-drop pipeline helps you quickly transition leads through the sales process, avoiding chaos and staying organized. There is a tracking system, support for automating sales triggers, and tracking for factors such as average transaction duration.

Keap can even help you determine

How long the average sales funnel typically takes, so you know when you need to work on accelerating conversions.

Invoices and payments
Having to switch between two different applications for customer management and invoicing can be a nightmare. Keap’s built-in invoicing software, invoicing and payment processing tools ensure you can customize your software platform to suit your needs.

Keap comes with access to upsells and promotions, as well as integrations with payment processing software like PayPal, Stripe, and many other top Brazil Mobile Number List options. You’ll also have reporting tools so you can track how your sales are growing over time.

Analytics and reporting

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Speaking of reporting, Keap is great for keeping you one step ahead of crucial metrics. You can view all sorts of useful metrics, including conversions by sales stage, marketing and campaign performance, and form completion rates.

With Keap sales reports, you can increase your sales CL Lists without having to sort through countless pieces of data and find trends for revenue, payments and transactions over time. You will also be able to create specific reports based on your metrics.

Keap also has built-in reporting to increase contact and engagement rates, with the option to take immediate action directly from your report to increase engagement.

Appointments and reservations
Keap’s scheduling and booking features ensure you can access scheduling tools to engage with your customers and prospects when it matters most. There are even helpful notifications and reminders built in so you can keep track of appointments on your mobile too.

Apart From Email Marketing You Can Reach Your Audience on a New Level With MS Marketing

Text message marketing features ensure that you can send automated updates to your target audience’s phones in no time. You’ll be able to access the same useful triggers you’re used to with email marketing and create custom campaigns.

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