Lack of conversion is a serious problem, especially when an online store is the main source of income. Another problem is when users visit your website but do not complete a transaction. Source: E-commerce in Poland 2019. Gemius for e-Comerce Polska Why are customers not buying from your online store? 1. Too much competition The problem arises when opening a store is not preceded by market and competition research. It may happen that the assortment of the store coincides with the assortment on the websites of industry leaders. , brand recognition and gigantic advertising budgets.

These stores usually occupy the first results

In the Google search engine. In such a situation, the solution may be to focus on the advantages of the product, which are the distinguishing features of the brand, and thus find a niche where the competition is smaller. Information and valuable advice, provided in the right way, allow you to attract customers and build trust in your store. 2. Poorly Greece Email List defined target group The key to reaching customers is to properly define the target group that may be interested in the products available on the store’s website. It is necessary to understand the needs and expectations of the users to whom we address the offer. The factors that will help us in this are: age, gender, location, income, occupation, interests.

Getting to know your customers allows

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You to present your products in a way that will fully meet their needs. Recognizing your target group will have a positive impact on conversion rates and help build customer trust and loyalty. An example of a poorly defined target group can be a website CL Lists that targets mainly the 25-34 age group, which converts worse than most age groups. Source: Facebook Ads Manager 3. The website is not adapted to the needs of users 3.1. Outdated and illegible graphics Most users, after entering a website, first pay attention to the visual setting. Outdated graphic design can cause a decrease in interest and trust among recipients.