I felt sick a long time and . of my break from therapy at least I had some focus. I listen to music and some crap radio most days, mitat twice a week and cook, cook, cook. I promis I would continue, but steadily over time, old ways took over again and it all began slowly to grind to a stop. Some days I tri to pull it back, others I didn’t, then some times I couldn’t, no matter how I tri. I had hop that with my therapy resuming shortly I could settle back into a routine again, but alas it wasn’t to be. Something even worse.

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Not only have I been battling with my Portuguese Timor Email List head demons. Something came to my attention recently which has totally shock, disturb and hurt me more than I have ever experienc before. I follow my usual routine one morning then plann to do the weekly, mundane supermarket shop. My mum and I share this chore. With the help of one of my assistants, I gather together all I ne: bag, phone, shopping list, card wallet, which I look in to make sure my crit card was in there as it should be. But it wasn’t there. Confus, I call my mum into my office to see if the card had been mislaid.

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Had I put it in my handbag in a fluster CL Lists during the previous week’s shop? No. Had it dropp on the floor from the wallet? No. I check my bag again. No, it hadn’t magically reappear. We search everywhere. I repeatly check my bag, hoping it would be there. There was no sign of it. So we rang our regular supermarket to see if they’d had my card hand in. No such luck. Panic was beginning to settle in by then so my.