Including duapune, investigation into Google’s search engine. Relat to job search opportunities. The letter, which is sent to. EU Competition Commissioner Margarethe Vestager, asks the EU to stop. Google’s unfair practices until a full and fair investigation is complet. Vestager told the Financial Times earlier this year. That some of the businesses that depend on the big search engine feel they are being treat unfairly. It’s not yet known whether the new letter will prompt Vestager to launch a full investigation, but given her record, it wouldn’t be surprising.

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She has l allegations of unfair competition Turkey Mobile Number List practices by Google that have result in massive fines. Billion for ‘killing’ competition in advertising, billion for unfairly increasing services of its own and billion for illegally restricting the use of Android.But what is it really like to search for jobs on Google? Google launch in the ‘app’ formerly known as ‘Google For Jobs’. This application tool presents job listings, aggregat from multiple employers, above the normal search results when you type in terms such as ‘jobs near me’ or similar.This has prov very successful, but the rival companies argue that Google is using its dominance illegally, placing its results above normal results.

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Google owns the search engine, which rivals CL Lists argue gives the tech. Giant an unfair advantage because it doesn’t have to make the traditional marketing investments that others would have to make on a regular basis.Google has also push the process so that job listings are present in a way that allows computers to easily read them.Read: Before making your first hire, read these booksSince this is the only way to be includ in Google’s search engine, some websites have chang their format to follow Google’s guidelines, while others do not have the proper tools or consciously choose not to. easier for the tech giant to get their data.