Ads on the app in question  which would further advance its dominance of the ad market. Nick Zakrasek, senior product manager for search at. Google, said in a statement that the company has already. Implement a feature in Europe that gives importance to rival companies. This came in response to previous antitrust complaints and could. Suggest that Google may be trying to avoid billions of dollars in fines. However, it’s clear that job search rivals are always looking for more. Reuters reports that more companies – which include the UK site Best Jobs Online.

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The first three speakers of the annual CL Lists digital marketing conference to be held in .Tirana in October, Allweb Albania , have already been confirm. ReadAllWeb, the annual conference dicat to digital marketing, has start preparations for its fourth itionThey are foreign experts in the field of digital marketing and have successful experiences in developing their own marketing strategies and appli innovations. They are:Vladimir VulicHe is the co-founder of Digitalizuj.Me, an organization that helps citizens and companies in Montenegro to understand and realize exciting new opportunities for social change in business in the digital environment.Vladimir is a digital transformation strategist.