In the first half of , Apple Services — where the firm generates the App Store’s finances — hit $ . billion in sales,While Apple doesn’t break out the Services segment, the firm revealed in January that developers had earned $ billion from the App Store since its inception in , more than a quarter of what came in last year alone. Using these numbers, we can calculate a rough estimate of the maximum amount Apple could have earned from App Store sales in ; if developers made at least $ billion in , after a % fee was applied.

Youth unemployment decreases

Increasing trade tensionsChina recently Bulgaria Mobile Number List announced that it is raising tariffs on $ billion of American products in response to increased tariffs on $ billion of Chinese goods. Now the Trump administration is reportedly preparing to raise tariffs on Chinese imports even more — $ billion — up to %, according to NPR. Read: Huawei just surpassed AppleWhat does a trade war with China mean for Apple?Apple is particularly vulnerable to a trade war between the world’s two largest economies because the US-based company assembles its most important iPhone product in China.

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There are less tax payers

If fees are higher at Apple, the firm will either CL Lists have to cut costs or raise the price of its devices. None of these solutions help Apple, as it aims to tap into declining iPhone sales. He number of graduates fell % last year, according to INSTAT data. In , over , students graduated from higher education. % of the total number of graduates belong to the Bachelor’s level. Young people prefer to pursue higher studies, but as the number of graduates is increasing, unemployment among them is also increasing. The fields in which more women have graduated are: health and welfare, followed by education, social sciences, journalism and information. He fields in which more men have graduated are: services, engineering, production and construction, and information and communication technology.