From us that is OK too, but our experience and feelings about it. One follower shared her story of how her son does just this: “I’m psychotic and my young son says, ‘I know you can hear the voices, but I can’t so I don’t think they are real, Mum.’ He was nine when he first said this. It really helps me, as it validates my experience but also helps me stay in reality.” Feelings are valid Some things the community said they would love to hear: “I believe you and your.

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I can’t understand what you are going through but I’m here for you.” “It’s OK that you don’t know what’s caused the fall this time; the fact you can admit you’re struggling is enough for now It’s OK not to be OK. Allow yourself to feel the negative Finland Email List emotions because without them you can’t appreciate the positive ones.” “It’s OK not to be OK and not know why.” It’s OK to ask for help.” “Every feeling is valid, and no feeling is permanent.” . Connection So many people expressed they would just like a hug or a hand held. Physical connection can be so powerful.

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It shows we are cared for, not alone, and it CL Lists can make us feel safer, loved, and can raise our mood. However some may prefer the opposite. One person commented, “I just like people to give me space, and to understand and remember my predicament.” Some things the community said they would love to hear: “Do you want a hug?” Fancy a chat?” “I’ll hold your hand and sit in the darkness with you  just so you know it’s safe to fall.” Listen Giving time and space to listen to us was a desire expressed over and over again.