Network Instagram and Facebook call Punimemoreelita. Through which she advertises and sells her products. She thinks that the fact that creations shows that they still like tradition, but combin with modernity, a combination that makes these creations unique in their kind.Read: Andy and Babeta, brother and sister passionate about “handmade”But what are her creations, how much do the prices vary? What are the future plans? She first start with crochet creations. When her work show interest and the number of customers increas, she start making birth certificates, which have now become the main gift for a new baby.

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Her work expand over time, creating many Lithuania Mobile Number List custom products. Finally, it has also engag in the creation of hand bags, products which are attracting a lot of attention from customers and are unique. It takes hours of work to create a small bag. handmadeA great deal for market. But she is happy about the increase in orders. “It’s a tiring job, but when you see the result, you forget the tirness and start thinking about creating the next one,” she says. Through the details, she manages to make each production unique. He orders the materials outside and performs the works himself from start to finish.

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CAREER Updat on: admin ~ minutes CL Lists of reading Start Smart are the new professional training courses launch in November last year with the support of the German in Albania GIZ program. In a visit to the Professional Training Center no. in Tirana, the Minister of Finance Anila Denaj said that through these courses, it is intend to organize a better approach of job seekers in the job profiles in the future. The objective is to train about , job seekers.Vocational Training Center n. offers courses in: electronics, mechanics, IT, graphic design, etcfields in which the labor market has the most demand.