A blog article Touch Hold an ice cube and let it melt in your hand. Put your hands under running water. Take a hot or cool shower. Grab an article of clothing, a blanket, or a towel and knead it in your hands or hold it to your cheek. Concentrate on what it feels like. Rub your hand lightly over the carpet or a piece of furniture, noting the texture. Pop some bubble wrap. Massage your temples. If you have a dog or cat, cuddle and pet him or her. Drink a hot or cold beverage.

Write a letter or card to someone

Smell Sniff strong peppermint, which also Vietnam Mobile Number List has the benefit of having a soothing effect. Light a scent candle or melt scent wax. Get some essential oils that remind you of good times (freshly cut grass, rain, clean laundry, or sugar cookies, for example) and smell one. in UK Book Store: Iam in Mental Health Daily Tracker and Journal Iam in Mental Health Daily Tracker and Journal Available Taste Bite into a lemon or lime. Suck on a mint or chew peppermint or cinnamon gum. Take a bite of a pepper or some hot salsa. Let a piece of chocolate melt in your mouth, noticing how it tastes and feels as you roll it around with your tongue.

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Stretch your arms neck

Sight Take a mental inventory of everything CL Lists you, such as all the colors and patterns you see, the sounds you hear, and the scents you smell. S aroundaying this out loud is helpful too. Count all the pieces of furniture around you. Put on your favorite movie or TV show. Play a distracting game on your tablet, computer, or smartphone. Complete a crossword puzzle, sudoku, word search, or other puzzles. Read a book or magazine. Other Write in a journal about how you’re feeling or keep a list of prompts handy that you can use to decide what to write about.