Canto what life can be like. or from mental. Health issues to give an insight into what life can be like. How flipping hard it is to ne to be a total warrior to save yourself. To make sure you stay upright and alive when your mind is stacking everything against you. And I mean real stacking; when you discover something positive. There we go another stack of self-loathing or low energy or feeling guilt for even discovering something positive. The amazing thing is you know deep down your mind is playing tricks, that you’re in another reality.

You lose all confidence

That is if you are lucky with a certain level Marshall Islands Email List of self-awareness. It’s just a ‘shame’ you struggle doing anything about it. It’s like being beaten up every day in a fistfight with an evil demonic Lochness monster. Whilst being blindfold and having your arms ti behind your back and losing every time and doing some intermittent drowning thrown in for good measure just to make sure you realise it’s hard. It’s holding on with all of your might to a few bits of delicate string and squinting your eyes so hard till they ble to try and see some light somewhere to remind yourself that one day it will pass or it will feel less.

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I mean with self-loathing going

That takes strength because your life depends CL Lists on it if you don’t fight you won’t stay around for long. What suffering can mean – you are lost, you are lost in the day to day, you either are operating on autopilot or staring into the blue yonder or crying your eyes out (inwards or outwards). Total wet dishcloth – worthless. you feel pain; everything hurts, your head, heart, limbs – it’s like you have been in a deep-sea diving suit made out of steel for the last weeks.