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Starting and maintaining a conversation with the lead to direct them to sales; relationship: starting and sustaining dialogue with the register person to maintain authority with them and generate brand value. 9.3. When to invest: Also similar to email marketing, automation requires that there be a base of emails to be work on. And, in the specific case of automation, it is not just a question of there being a static base to be nurtur or qualifi. There nes to be a constant and large flow of leads. On a scale that makes it impossible to maintain dialogue with these potential customers manually. If this flow does not exist, or it is very timid, all the effort and potential of marketing automation is wast , as there will be no leads to sell or relate to.

Competing with the company's sales team

Competing with the company’s sales team. Now, if your website receives a high volume of leads monthly and they are thrown into a spreadsheet and left wast, it’s time to consider marketing automation in your strategy. 9.4. How to measure the result: The ways of measuring marketing automation are analogous to those of email marketing, but it is also worth considering other numbers: opening rate; click rate; markings as spam; unsubscribes; inputs into the stream; flow exits; stream conversions. Again, the main thing here is to link the indicators to the objectives . If the focus is sales, work with conversion numbers. If it is a relationship, consider engagement new data  indicators. Are there other digital marketing actions? Are there other digital marketing actions.

we highlight some tips so that your

Definitely yes! And we could put together an extensive list here just to show what they would be: growth hacking; video marketing; mobile marketing; programmatic mia; applications; inbound marketing; augment reality; etc, etc, etc. The objective of the article is not to exhaust the list. Our intention is to detail some of the most common digital marketing actions present to companies. And, from there, help you identify the best alternative for the results you are looking for. To conclude, we highlight some tips C L Lists so that your digital marketing actions really make sense and that your company does not waste money or time unnecessarily: determine your.

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