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Tuscan Government Arrang for His Remains to Rest. Close to Those of Michelangelo and Machiavelli. in a Mausoleum That Honor His Memory. Erect Inside the Church of Santa Croce. in Florence. the Famous Epitaph That Marks His Tomb. Experts Say. Are Words That He Never Utter After His Abjuration. with Bitter Irony. at the Outcome of His Trial. but They Fit Perfectly of the Country’s with the Spirit That Accompani Galileo. Those Words. Without a Doubt. Express with Dramatic Laconism the Conviction. as Profound as It Was Tragic. That He Held Until His Death: Eppur Si Muove (“And Yet It Moves”). as Someone Not. That Phrase. It Is Not True Historically (It Could Be Said) It Is Philosophically True.” in Effect. It Condenses a New Way of Seeing and Understanding the World.

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Paul Feyerabend. Perhaps the Most Controversial Figure in the Field of Philosophy of Science of the 20th Century. Considers Galileo an Emblematic Exponent of What He Calls “Counterinduction”. That Is. the Assumption of Hypotheses That Are at Odds with the Data. Directly” and Daily “Observable.” in Fact. the Hypothesis About the Movement of Our Planet Around the Sun That the Wise Pisan Assum Openly Contradict What the Senses Indicat (And Indicate) to the Common Observer: What We See Every Day Is That the Sun Moves. While the Earth We Walk on Remains Motionless . Feyerabend Shows How the Italian Scientist business database Skipp the Suppos Methodological Rules of Neat Scientific Research That. Supposly. Starts from the Objective Observation of Facts and the Faithful Report of the Senses. to Make Room for the Mental Experiment and the Flight of What Would Fit.

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Call Mathematical Imagination. This Sagacious Attitude That Galileo Embodi Would. Thus. Be a Sign That in the Fields of Scientific Research “Anything Goes” (An Expression That Translates the Methodological Pluralism That Feyerabend Sponsors) (Feyerabend. 1984. P. 24; 26). Denying with This Is Why Strict Objectivity. Pure Rationality and the Practice of a Single Method Are Defining Features of Science. There Is No Doubt: Galileo Was a Revolutionary Figure . Perhaps He Can Even Be Seen as a Martyr of Scientific Research. a Thinker Who Confront Religious CL Lists Dogma and Point the Way for Humanity in the Coming Centuries. in Search of the Progress  of the Country’s That Science and His Dazzling Achievements Offer. He Would Walk with the Confidence of a Sleepwalker. and Here Is the Curious and Tremendous Thing: a Path That Began Mark by Hope.

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