Their mental focus intensely emotional state. Grounding skills can be helpful in managing overwhelming feelings or intense anxiety. That can stem from extend stress or as a result of a traumatic event.I was first expos consciously to. Grounding techniques recently but discover after further research that many of the strategies that I employ to cope with stress or anxiety where also Grounding techniques. Recently after being involv and witnessing a very traumatic event. I found myself struggling to process what had happen. I was suffering from shock, flashbacks, low mood, and was having trouble concentrating and sleeping.

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After a week, these symptoms had not alleviat Pakistan Mobile Database and actually start to intensify. So I decid to reach out for some help to get back on track. Realising that I was going to ne some professional help I reach out to Dervla Loughnane, the CEO, and Founder of Virtual Psychologist to see what I could do to get back on top of things. Derlva suggest some grounding strategies to try and arrest the cycle that was playing out both mentally and physically. A number of the strategies are list below but I focus on two, breathing exercises and one that I thought was a bit left of centre but really work, walking barefoot as much as I could to connect with the earth.

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As a farmer and having an ingrain connection CL Lists to the land, Dervla said that this strategy was vitally important being directly ground to the earth would be of great benefit. The breathing strategy consist of Breathing in through the mouth for the count of , hold for the count of and breath out for the count of . Do this times in total, three times per day. This help regulate the anxiety to a certain extent and help with the sleeping. The barefoot strategy took a bit of getting my head around.