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This is such an amazing feeling

YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE The FloodI have Saudi Arabia Mobile Number List high functioning depression and I have suffer with mental health issues most of my life. But when I finally gain the confidence to begin talking about it and telling others I had it, I was more often than not met with comments such as “Wow, I would never have known!” This is part of the difficulty for people living with high functioning depression, and often why we are not believ, or misunderstood. I have chosen to talk about a few points that I think are important for people to understand about me and my life with high functioning depression.

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Its just a shame that most dont

High functioning depression High CL Lists Functioning Depression – and laughing doesn’t mean I’m not struggling This is a big one that I struggle with most days of my life. I smile, laugh, and even joke, so that I don’t worry or burden others. ‘better,’ but the majority of the time I am far from it. My mask has always been my safety blanket. It’s something that I have us my entire life. But I do find that if someone truly takes the time to talk to me and ask me how I am feeling, I will open up.