Most consumers consider fast and free shipping to be just as important

When asked whether they are more likely to make a purchase as a result of free shipping or faster delivery options, most customers consider the two concepts equally important. According to EFulfilment Service, price and shipping speed are equally expected. However, 70% of customers still choose the least expensive delivery option when placing an order.

Only about 23 percent of consumers say they would choose same-day delivery, and 25 percent say they would pay a premium for it. In fact, only 2% of customers would pay more than $3 for same-day delivery.

96% of companies now offer free shipping options

With solutions like Amazon Prime gaining more attention in the digital world, free shipping has become a common option among retailers. According to the State of Shipping report, approximately 96% of retailers offer zero-cost shipping options.

Unfortunately, very few brands in the Czech Republic Mobile Number List study met customer expectations when it came to offering the right combination of speed and cost savings. In fact, only 1% of fashion and apparel brands have achieved their shipping speed goals.

About 165 billion packages are shipped in the US each year

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Studies indicate that online shopping and therefore package delivery in the United States is growing at a phenomenal rate. The number of packages being shipped to the US increased by 20% year over year. With 165 billion packages delivered annually across America.

75% of customers expect free shipping
In the past, most consumers. Expected to access free CL Lists shipping only after their cart value reached a certain point. However, as of 2020, about 75% of customers believe shipping should be free on all orders. This is an increase from 68% the previous year.

Baby boomers were the most likely to request free shipping in the study were slightly less likely to expect free shipping.

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