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It’s why I am usually in b every night by pm! High Lebanon Mobile Number List Functioning Depression is isolating One thing I hate about depression, well most mental illnesses actually, is that they force you to isolate yourself. Part of this comes from the depression telling me not to go out. Not to talk to anyone. Why would I? They all hate me anyway!? Which in itself is completely debilitating. It annoys people, but it’s not something I enjoy doing. I literally sometimes have no choice.

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It fes into the stigma that surrounds mental CL Lists health and makes me feel very anxious at times. It makes me seem like I am being deliberately difficult I have unfortunately come across this feeling from others close to me a few times. When you can’t make a decision, or cancel something last minute, or can’t cope when plans change. So many times I have had “Just deal with it!” “It’s not the end of the world.” “Why are you over reacting?” What might seem like such a small thing to others is huge to me.

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