Motionally mentally and physically. After I came back, the motivation was gone. Slowly working my way through more cake than I care to mention and I’m sure at this point my blood is more Cola than plasma. Focusing on my health and feeling like I look good really made me feel alive. I had more energy, more enthusiasm, more confidence and was a lot more motivat. It’s been about a month and a half since I got home and I just feel in a constant state of what can only be describ asmeh.

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I’m losing concentration (it took hours VP Manufacturing Production Email List to write my last blog post!) I feel tir all the time and I can’t be ars to do anything. It’s a miracle I’ve kept up with posting. While I support the use of mication for depression and anxiety if ne, I also think self-care is a very important factor that helps keep us balanc. I am on antidepressants and while I wouldn’t say I feel depress, I do feel a little more flat and tir than before I went away. Today, I’m going to look at self-care and the secret to feeling good.

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What is self-care? “Self-care is something CL Lists we do to look after ourselves emotionally, mentally and physically.” It doesn’t have to be a huge lifestyle overhaul. A small change can go a long way. Examples . Healthy eating .  Exercising . Cleaning your teeth . . Showering Getting the right amount of sleep . Drink plenty of water .  Doing something you enjoyRelaxing . Keeping tabs on your mental health .Spending time around others . Treating yourself once in a while . . Living in a clean environment . Taking you mication regularly. Why do we ne self-care? Self-care is an important part of our lives, that can easily be forgotten.