The audit should take into account historical data. Analyze statistics in terms of conversion of individual campaigns and weekly/monthly statements. They will show whether the service pays off and drives the business, or whether your marketing strategy needs changes. Monitoring the revenue generated by the system, taking into account the cost of the system and its operation, will allow you to control the ROI and scale the budget in terms of investing in additional campaigns or system modules. Sales conversion analysis Verification of lead generation tools. Review the website and campaigns run by competitors. Subscribe to the newsletter and check how your competitors use marketing automation. Thanks to conducting such research, you will learn what actions you can introduce at your place and what the competition does not have, and what can become your advantage.

Make sure the tools you use to generate

Leads are working properly. Test the moment and place of display. Check if they do not conflict with other elements on the website, discouraging from subscribing to the newsletter. where they can convert best on a website. Check the integration Romania Email List of forms – whether the contact has the correct status in the system after saving, the saving path is clear to the customer and there are no technical problems along the way, e. with saving an e-mail or confirmation. Monitor the conversion of forms, check various options that encourage gate content – a reward for signing up that encourages the user the most.

Combine lead generation campaigns

Email List

Other channels by advertising newsletter subscriptions or integrating subscription forms from e. Facebook with the system. Include other channels of communication with the customer besides e-mail and introduce omnichannel CL Lists marketing. Using e. push and text messages. Create special subscription forms for push notifications and add a phone number entry field to contact forms. Analyze your competition’s marketing automation activities A marketing audit should include a competitor analysis.