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After his crucifixion there came the apostle CMO Email List and leader Paul,and here confusion steps in very subtly. Like a thief in the night or an opponent slipping past you in sport. In the Sahaja Yoga books by Gregoire de Kalbermatten the author tells us that Paul caus confusion. Soo too does Christopher Greaves in the book “Sophia” where very clearly he says that Paul was a devil.So there we have tremendous inner confusion.Was Paul the right way or was he confusing the followers of Christ?Modern theologians will sometimes say that Paul is difficult sometimes but certainly at the moment he holds a rever place in the Christian church.

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I recently watch the film “Paul Apostle CL Lists of Christ” and put aside what I know in Sahaja Yoga and was mov by the story. The Greek physician Luke comes in secret to record Paul’s words when he is in prison in Rome. Paul says when Luke comes to his dark cell,”I did not expect to see your face.Getting here must have come at a great price.Surely the money could have been put to better use for our brothers and sisters.I am grateful.” The physically shatter apostle says,”I’ve become an old man inside these walls. Every bone is wrack with pain. My eye sight has become even weaker.