Instead of Being Placed on Their Own Page the Apps and Integration

There are around 27 apps and integrations to choose from, including a range of options for order fulfillment, store management, payment processing, marketing, promotion and more. There is also the option of direct integration with Google Analytics as well as MailChimp for email marketing, Instagram and logistics tools like Shipstation.

Admittedly, a total of 27 apps to choose from is a bit less than you’d expect from other major solutions. In any case, Big Cartel has an ace up its sleeve. It also integrates with the webhook and sync service, Zapier, giving you access to up to 5,000 apps from anywhere. 

The biggest downside here is that using Zapier will mean you have to pay an additional monthly fee. You won’t be able to access all integrations for free, and there are a limited number of API calls available per app per month. You may also find that you have to invest more time and effort in setting it up, which can be complex for the non-technical. 

Should you use Big Cartel?

If you’re looking for a convenient way to sell online through your own e-commerce business, Big Cartel will set you up with everything you need. You can Romania Mobile Number List create a secure home for making credit card payments through a number of payment processing solutions. Plus, Big Cartel offers sales tax tracking for all plans so you can keep an eye on your finances. 

Big Cartel features range from simple hosting to an easy

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To use environment for managing your e-commerce business and launching promotions. However, has some limitations. There are CL Lists no abandoned cart recovery solutions to increase conversion rates, and some credit card payment solutions will require you to pay additional fees. 

The service is relatively limited overall, with only a few inventory tracking options, a somewhat basic support team, and a very basic shopping cart. However, if you want a way to start selling online without worrying about theme code and programming, this could be the solution for you. The free plan makes it easy to test the solution before signing up for something too expensive, so it’s worth a try.

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