It might sound strange, but I didn’t like me. I hat my feelings and personality in general. I blam myself for the abuse i’d suffer for a long time. Why wasn’t I stronger? Why didn’t I scream? And why didn’t I phone the police? I hat myself for it so I pretend to be someone else. I was confident and funny, I’d speak to colleagues about big nights out I’d had the night before and how hung over I was. Break that down and really I’m just making an excuse not to have to talk to anyone. It also meant I didn’t have time to socialise. As soon as I finish work, I’d rush home to where I felt safe.

Especially try and socialise more

Others will wear their masks differently. Some Communication Director Email List will become what I like to call ‘Tommy Toppers’. This basically means that whatever you have experienc, they’ve done it bigger and better. If you climb Ben Nevis, they will have climb Mount Everest in a day with no oxygen or climbing equipment. I believe (please comment and tell me otherwise) that people do this to have common ground with individuals to enable a two-way conversation and feel accept. We’ve all told that one white lie to be able to join in a conversation.

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He was becoming socially isolat

Well it’s like that but on a much bigger CL Lists scale. I’ve done it myself especially if people ask me about family. I’d make up anything rather than tell the truth as the truth would reveal me. It’s much more dangerous than what I’ve already talk about but some will use alcohol and drugs to create a new persona. Unfortunately I have also us this method, not drugs, but alcohol certainly. Although most of my life I have tri to avoid contact with other people there has been times where I have want to feel accept.