Shades of Grey: Coping with Grief and Mental Health In “Authors” Living with Guilt, While Battling Mental Illness and Life Living with Guilt, While Battling Mental Illness and Life In “Authors” Was This Post Helpful: votes, avg. rating Tags: awareness Mental HWoah, what’s this? A second post in the space of two days? No way! Yeah, I know, I can’t believe it either. Do-you-know-what-stress-is-pin – People often say “It’s okay to be stress” or “Everyone gets stress.

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Do they think about those who are really Accounting Directors Email List suffering? Anyway, to the point of this story.(I know, how rare XD) and I have us the same barber’s shop for the last or years. He knows me rather well. So, he ask me how I was getting on as he usually does and I told him that I was feeling stress due to my A-Levels bogging me down. He seem surpris at my statement and ask me if I knew what stress was. I said no and he went on to tell me. He said that: “Stress is a man who is doing everything he can to fe his family but is still struggling to get by.

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Now I think that if anyone else had CL Lists said this to me I might have want to have a go and tell them that anyone can be stress for little or big reasons. But, there’s something about the way he said it and the meaning that came from within that struck me to be inspiring. Obviously, no one wants to ever hit the point where they are working so hard to fe their family and are still struggling to get by but it sucks to know that there are people in that unfortunate situation. Within that moment it had hit me.