So ye and I’d always have pre-drinks. confidence and to help deal with any negative comments. If I was drunk, I’d laugh a comment like ‘fat’ off but then when sober up I’d process every comment. Bit by bit, those comments would chip away at me. All these ways of hiding myself took over completely and I forgot who I was. I’d spend so many years pretending to be another person that when I had a breakdown in January this year I was scar to find ‘me’. If I’m honest I think it was finding myself that caus the break down in the first place.

I was so determin to hide myself

I was struggling to keep my mask up. I was tir and emotional and had no idea why. It all took a turn for the worst when the nursing staff got into CEO Email List a debate about self-harm, something I have done from being a child. A long story short they’d determin after a short minute debate that self-harm was purely attention seeking. It’s impossible to describe the pain I felt inside. I want to scream at them that this just wasn’t the case. There was a mental battle inside, the persona I’d creat wanting me to stay quiet and the ‘me’ I thought I’d forgot wanting to explain that.

C Level Email List

Away that it caus me to tire

Id self harm and not told a sole, so how CL Lists is that attention seeking? I was stuck. I couldn’t explain without revealing who I was. So again I was at home on anti-depressants with the crisis team making daily visits. My poor husband again in charge of looking after me. This wasn’t the first time I’d had a complete breakdown, in fact I’ve had more than I can remember. Although I start to realise one common factor, they’d often start because of a collision between me behind the mask and me.