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 It is therefore possible to invoice €1,500–€12,500 on a monthly basis. 9. Ad Manager (Facebook/Instagram/Google) Ad Manager makes ads on different social media platforms on behalf of customers and tests and optimizes them. For this job, you need knowledge of marketing strategies as well as technical knowledge and expertise of the social platform you operate on. In this job, it is super important that your client gets real results with advertising campaigns.  studying beforehand and test different strategies to know what works and what doesn’t. This job is perhaps the most challenging of these, as you cannot control social media platforms.

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If/when changes are made to the algorithm, your work may start new database over and you may have to study more before you know what works and what doesn’t. In this job, you can take on clients and help them, for example, increase the number of Instagram followers or sell products directly through Facebook ads. There are countless different variations. Ad Manager typically charges a monthly fee. It is completely realistic to get €350 per customer per month or even €750 per customer per month. In this case, you can earn an average of €3,500–€7,500 per month. 10. Proofreader A proofreader is a blogger’s and an entrepreneur’s best friend.  don’t always have time to file the text to the smallest detail (by the way, this text is also proofread only after publication, because my assar has another project going on). A proofreader can help bloggers, entrepreneurs and writers.

When you produce a lot of content, you

For the participant, membership is paid and typically quite affordable. A member’s website can be almost any limited topic, such as e.g.: golf Cooking knitting car maintenance renovation So the effort is to give a small amount of information every month, in which case people pay a small amount every month to get the information for themselves. The membership fee can range from 10 euros to 197 euros per month. The more expensive the membership fee is, the more and higher quality content and resources you should offer each CL Lists month. It is possible to earn 1,000–19,700 € per month on the membership site when you have 100 members. In the beginning, the membership site’s number of participants is typically small, but it grows over time. 

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