How fulfillment options impact conversion rates

Consistently, fast and cheap shipping remains a top demand among consumers. In some cases, customers are more likely to make a purchase when they have access to the right shipping options than when product prices are lower. According to however, delivery waits (45%) were ranked as the most common challenge facing online stores.

53% of customers say they would be more likely to make a purchase when offered free shipping

There are many factors that convince a customer to make a purchase at checkout. However, free shipping is a major benefit for most consumers. In 2020, about 35% of customers said they would be more likely to make a purchase after reading a positive review from another customer.

However, 53% of consumers said free shipping would improve their chances of buying an item they might not have purchased elsewhere.wise online.

93% of European shoppers say they are influenced by home delivery options

Fast and cheap shipping options can be Greece Mobile Number List crucial to converting customers today, but it’s also important for businesses to offer a variety of shipping options. According to DHL’s online shopper survey, 93% of European shoppers choose the online stores they want to buy from based on their number of delivery options.

Interestingly, some 58% of European shoppers also said they were willing to wait longer for their delivery if it meant they could access more sustainable fulfillment practices.

22% of shoppers abandon a purchase because the delivery speed is too slow

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Unexpected costs are a common reason for customers to abandon an online purchase. However, many consumers also abandon a purchase because they are worried that they will not receive their packages quickly enough. According to 2022 data from the Baymard Institute, while 16% of consumers left the house because they could not see all the costs in advance, 22% said they left the store because the delivery speed was too slow.

The Baymard Institute also found that about 17% of CL Lists online shoppers abandon an order because the checkout process was too long or complicated.

25% of shoppers would abandon carts due to an unexpected shipping cost

According to VWO, about 25 percent of online shoppers say an unexpected shipping cost would cause them to abandon their carts entirely. This suggests that it is critical for business leaders to be immediately transparent about all costs in their store.

When asked about other reasons. They abandon their cart. 22% of consumers say they would avoid. Checking if the site. They are on requires. Them to create an account. Additionally, 15% say. They don’t make a purchase. When they’re concerned about payment security.

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