How did we choose and test the best landing page generator

Now that it’s clear who should be thinking about getting Landing Page Builder, let’s take a look at the finalists we came up with after completing our research over the last few weeks:

Throughout my analysis, I actually started with dozens of landing page solutions. In this way, I was able to narrow the playing field and uncover the true outliers. I acted as if I had never seen any of the tools before, therefore making my opinions more unbiased. I wanted to go into the review as a new customer only considering the features as I would be using them for personal use.

Similar to my template requirement

 It doesn’t matter what type of campaign you’re creating, your landing page builder should give you enough options to quickly get a template and make things happen. I would expect to have hundreds of templates to choose from, and I also want it to look modern and colorful. Media support is helpful, and obviously we all want templates to have been tested for optimal conversion rates. This means you can rest easy knowing your projects will work, even if you forgo A/B testing.

While I love building pages with drag and drop, it’s not a necessity for me. Why? Because many of them don’t work that well and all you need is a Singapore Mobile Number List nice builder that clearly presents the design elements. For example, we want to be able to see where you can upload images, and the ability to change things like colors and text should be right in front of your nose. It’s also impressive when you get things like fonts and images built into the system. That way, you don’t have to make your own pictures or worry about finding a font that matches your brand.


The following features mainly focus on optimization, customer management and integrations

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Additional features that mean quite a lot for a landing page builder include:

Heatmapping can be provided in real time or as a snapshot of what users have done over a period of time. A heatmap shows your landing page, then has different “heat” colors spread across the page to show where users are more likely to click and interact with your page. So, you might you find that your main call-to-action button is more blue than red (red means a lot of people are clicking), so you need to figure out ways to improve. Heatmapping pairs well with A/B testing because you can see where you need to improve, then test the solutions to see if they work.

The main integration I would look for involves email subscriptions. For example, you might want a service like MailChimp to integrate directly into CL Lists your landing page so that all your emails land on your list. However, various other integrations are useful when building your landing pages. for example, many companies will need landing pages to connect to SalesForce, bringing the aspect of customer management. 

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