Have a frontal lobotomy or not do an entire brain transplant, there is very little to feel confident about. Why are you here anyway and those dark thoughts come to the fore.  You don’t believe or trust anything – why talk. You are desperate too, for anyone to notice however the fear of a. The wrong response and b. judgement can simply be too great. We judge ourselves extremely harshly we don’t ne more.  You struggle seeing colour, anything good fleets out so quickly and it’s struggle holding onto it. You feel you are dragging everyone down with you guilt and shame.

Coping with Grief and Mental

All that said, we ne to remember battles Mauritania Email List don’t last, they might re-appear and for some of us they live on forevermore we know that we have phases where everything implodes where the only priority is to simply stay alive don’t stay silent get help, you face demons daily so to be brave once again to reach out is a must – but yes it also again hard and painful as requires to recognise you are totally not OK. So whilst many of us don’t have big muscles – we are built like quiet rocks; rock hard with the strength our mind requires to keep fighting.

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I was recently getting a haircut

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