Hand and so it’s head if something changes at the last moment – I panic! I wish I didn’t feel like this, but I just can’t help it. I often have no idea why my depression takes a turn for the worse Oh, the times people have ask “What’s the matter?” “Why are you feeling like this?” “What’s brought it on this time?” and the times I’ve repli “I have no bloody idea!” And it’s true. Sometimes I can just wake up in the morning and feel different. Sad. Anxious. Stress and moody. It doesn’t matter if I am doing everything I can to keep my mental health issues in control.

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It can all be undone by one – usually Oman Mobile Number List unknown – trigger, and it all comes crashing down. Getting support from lov ones is often the most important thing I have the most amazing, loyal, kind and loving husband. I’m so grateful and bless to have him, but high functioning depression is difficult to understand. I can’t fault how he has been there for me the last few years when many partners would have walk away. He doesn’t often understand a lot of what I am going through, but he asks and he listens, which is so important.

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Unfortunately though, there are others CL Lists around who often don’t understand so just ignore it or make assumptions. This is so painful for the person suffering. A text is sometimes all it takes. Just to know that you are want, that you are lov. I completely understand that it is difficult. I suffer with it and I barely understand it at times. But ask us. Let us know you are there. That will mean the absolute world, I promise you! I have said many.