Product Photos in the Online Store Users Are Guided by Product

The red button shows the best conversion rate followed by blue purple and green.  photos when placing an order in the online store. It is important that the images present at least one photo from different angles, showing different positions of the product, in high quality and in abundance. With pictures, users can assess the size and configuration of the product, and understand how it will look when unfolded or folded. Photos must be clear and taken in natural light. It also increases conversions from blocks reviewed by other buyers. They should be encouraged to take photos or videos of their purchases. Also read guidelines for editing images to publish on your website.

Visual content clearly conveys the meaning of the text

Presenting the product or service at its best and catching the eye. In this article, we’ll discuss how professionals can read more about the visual style of Buy Bulk SMS Service an online store. Any online store needs high-quality branding, including logos, fonts, and colors. Visual style makes a company stand out and makes users remember it. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a uniform style to be used not only on the website of the online store, but also on other platforms: social networks, marketing materials. Icons These elements make it easier to navigate the online store.

The faster a user browses a new site and finds

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A product of interest. The more likely he is to place an order and then return to the site to make a CL Lists repeat purchase. Visual cues are one of the most important elements of any online store, as users notice the images first and only then read the text. If there are images in the directory navigation, then people will quickly find the part they need. There are different types of icons for infographics, image links, navigation. However, it is important to follow the general rules for using them. All icons should be styled the same. Every icon should have a style, a specific association. If its meaning is not clear, you need to supplement it with words.

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