The National Do Not Call Registry is a free service provided by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) that allows you to add your phone number to a database that telemarketers are required to check before making sales calls. This will help to reduce the number of telemarketing and robocalls you receive. You can register your phone number by calling 1-888-382-1222 or visiting the website Keep a Record of the Calls It is important to keep a record of the robocalls you receive, including the date and time of the call, the name of the company or organization making the call, and the phone number or caller ID information. This information will be useful when reporting the calls to the appropriate authorities.

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FCC by visiting their website at. You will need to provide the details of the calls, including the phone number or caller ID information. Consider Using a Robocall Blocking App There are many robocall blocking apps available for smartphones that can help you block unwanted calls. These apps use a database of known robocall numbers to screen incoming calls and prevent them from ringing your phone. Some popular robocall blocking apps include Nanorobot, Robocallers, and True caller. In conclusion, reporting robocalls is an important step you can take to protect yourself from unwanted and potentially fraudulent calls. By following the steps above, you CL Lists can help law enforcement agencies and telecommunication companies to track down and stop the perpetrators of robocalls. Remember to always be vigilant and never give out personal information over the phone to unknown callers.