Ethical Swag is a Slightly Different Type of Branded Merchandise Seller

Like many of the other top vendors on the market today, it offers businesses a multitude of ways to connect with their customers and employees through high-quality branded items. You can choose from swag packs, to beverage, technology, wellness and home products.

However, unlike other vendors, Ethical Swag focuses heavily on sustainable, eco-friendly products. This means you can be sure that whatever you choose to produce will be made to the highest standards with minimal waste. There is also the option to choose certain products based on your ethical values. You can purchase merchandise from certified B corporations and women-owned businesses, as well as organic, biodegradable, and vegan brands.

The range of options available from Ethical Swag is great. In addition to all the common items you can think of, there are also various tech products, footrests and other solutions to choose from. You can even combine different items into a gift package for your desired partner, employee or client. Alternatively, you can buy items in bulk to store and gift as you wish.


While there are no subscription costs or monthly fees associated

With Ethical Swag, there are a number of expenses to be aware of. You will have to pay the price for producing your base product as well as adding any customizations. There are also storage and shipping fees to think about. If you choose to increase production times with “Swift Swag”, you may have to pay a little more.

If you’re looking for a convenient way to Conduit cn Phone Numbers produce bulk corporate merchandise or convenient packages, then Swagup is a great choice. The company specializes in producing fantastic, branded gifts to suit virtually any need. Already trusted by top companies like Walmart, Square, and Facebook, Swagup has earned a great reputation over the years.

The convenient backend makes it easy to choose

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The items you want to add to your packs and customize them with your own unique fonts, colors and logos. You can also quickly send swag to remote teams and stakeholders around the world without having to handle the fulfillment process yourself. With one integrated platform, you can connect to almost any of the tools you already use and manage everything from one place.

Small businesses can access everything from screen printing to beautiful gift boxes from the same supplier. In addition to creating personalized CL Lists products such as shirts, notebooks and bottles, you can also customize your packaging to your liking with attractive boxes and messages. Swagup also offers free sample packs so you can test the quality of items yourself before sharing them with your community. Additionally, there is an option to integrate directly with Shopify’s online selling tool.

Like most corporate swag sellers, prices offered by may vary. There is no subscription cost to worry about, but you will have to pay for the full price of each swag pack and product you create. This includes charges for the base items, customization, shipping and packaging. The number of items you create and the colors included in your logo will affect your price.

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