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How would you react? Stigma How would Libya Email list you react? – on May , Mentally Healthy Relationships Mentally Healthy Relationships – on May , Sign up to our newsletter to receive our daily mental health planner email address CATEGORIES Categories Select Category Ad Ad Ad CATEGORIES Categories Select Category ARCHIVES Archives Select Month SEARCH SearchCopyright IAM IN . All Rights Reserved. Privacy Policy have this really bad habit. When someone asks “How are you doing?” or “How is your day going?”, I automatically respond with “Good” or Fine.

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Responding to “How are you?” – do you say “Fine”? I say “I’m good” but it’s not always true You may be wondering why this is a bad habit. In my CL Lists opinion it’s a bad habit because every time I smile and say “I’m good” it’s not always true. Even when I’m feeling like shit I can’t bring myself to just tell the TRUTH. It’s as if my brain tricks me into believing those people don’t REALLY care how I’m feelingthat it’s just fluff to pass the time. And guess what? Every time my brain tells me that, I believe it. Imagine this conversation: “How are you today?” “I’m nervous. I feel insecure. I have these thoughts in my head that scare me.” Now imagine the other person looking at you with a shocked or confused look on their face.