Affect meI don’t know, I don’t ne to , but my mind is saying otherwise. And waiting on my assessment Oh and before I forget, as if I could. Sandwich between all of this was my Personal Independent Payment (PIP) assessment. Given all the negative press the process has got, it wasn’t as bad as I expect, but I’m still waiting for the all important decision. PIP now replaces the old welfare payment known as Disability Living Allowance. I was award the highest rate FOR LIFE, I have the paperwork to prove it. So surely it would make sense to just change the information on file.

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Will never improve, given my age and other Qatar Email List health matters, chances are it will continue to worsen. in UK Book Store: Iam in Mental Health Daily Tracker and Journal Iam in Mental Health Daily Tracker and Journal Available £ els tough right now. My head feels heavier than my shoulders. I’ve forgotten how to relax. My body feels twist because it’s so tense, which in turn makes my pain so much worse. My anxiety level has, at times been seriously high too. I’ve not want to go anywhere. I’ve cancell unimportant appointments.

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Ive seen my therapist just twice since CL Lists reconnecting with mental health services in July due to him being ill. I’ve my fingers cross that he will be able to return soon. I really don’t fancy being referr to someone new. It’s taken time for me to find someone to connect with, and it worries me that things may have to change. But so much love and support One thing that has surpris me in a positive way has been the sheer amount of love and support I’ve found around me and my Mum as this drama unfold.