Of me it was before we met. That side still appears sometimes, and I know that. I think you do too. However much it gets to me, or bothers me, sleep on. Sleeping is better than some of the other options, trust me. Sleeping so you can get up, smile at the little one, hold them when they want you to (and they do a lot). Sleeping so that your emotional energy is slightly recharg. We have the rest of our lives to hug each other, to go on trips, to watch our child grow up, and we even have time to watch our family grow.

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We have time for your idea of family to Singapore Mobile Number List develop and change; for you to see that my family have join yours. We are a family now. They want to help you get better. They don’t do it to support me, they do it because you are family too. So sleep on. When you can get up again then we can keep up the fight to get you well. Until then, the reserve army are fighting on your behalf. Until then, I’ll hang up the washing, ignore the hoovering and try to persuade our child to like the bath again.

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Until then I’ll watch you play with our little CL Lists one, making us all smile. Fight Another Day While you are sleeping, I’ll love you. I’ll fight for you. While you are sleeping I’ll watch you and cuddle you. While you are sleeping I hope you get the rest you ne inbetween each battle, and live to fight another day. Trust me, that fight is worth fighting. One day might be a bit better than the last. itors Note: A number of you have comment about not being able to get enough sleep, I found this book by Colin.